We deeply believe
 the energy belongs
to the people.


Unfortunately, the last 20 years have come in a different way than we consumers thought. Today we live in a perfectly designed “Energy Industry Truman Show“, which nips real innovation in the bud for the customer. That's exactly what we're changing right now. You want to stop us? We hope you enjoy it.  You want to support us? A very warm welcome.

Why we simply have to change the energy market?


For the best of all worlds.

Disruptive Energy

power2all is a new decentralized energy solution that draws its disruptive power from a smart combination of blockchain technology, user experience design and sophisticated network management. Quasi an ingeniously user-friendly frontend combined with a smart revolution in the backend. This enables industry by industry an unprecedented power management that makes your energy greener, for example. Or cheaper. Or simply makes it more transparent. No matter where you are.
And the whole thing works completely without the intervention of your previous, awkwardly outdated energy partner.
We cannot tell you any more at this point. Be curious. So are we.


We are creating the world's first Powerbank. The system is independent, digital, democratising, decarbonized and decentralizing.


With our solution, all economic entities, whether companies or individuals, have the opportunity to participate directly in the electricity market, make individual transactions and trade short or long term at their own discretion..


Our approach enables the uncomplicated and uniform integration of renewable energies and storage facilities. Decide for yourself whether you want to feed your green electricity into the grid or store it for a later date and then use it yourself.


The EU Clean Energy Package is the governance system of the Energy Union. It provides the framework for achieving the Energy Union and is based on three pillars: energy efficiency, renewables and electricity market design. With our approach, we contribute to the implementation of the package in all three areas: portfolio optimisation for more efficient energy use, integration of renewables, democratisation of the electricity market.


One solution. 
Many industries.

power2all is an idea that is open to all industries. No matter whether you are active in construction or not. Manage a municipality. Or just want to get better energy for your house. That's why we're working flat out on decentralized solutions for all industries in which energy was previously part of a perfectly staged Truman Show.


Do you want to supply your community more meaningfully in the future? A little more patience. You'll be there soon.


Of course we'll have something for you soon.


Finally smart electricity on the construction site?

Our first solution will supply you as early as 2020.


You rely on E-Mobility and your local provider just doesn't go with you? Don't worry, we'll help you get started.


You as an association have many members without common advantage with the energy? Waiting will soon come to an end.

Ready to change?

Our first power app is tailor-made for the requirements of the international construction industry.  As a construction group, you know the challenge: lots of decentralized construction sites. Lots of uncontrolled energy consumption. Lots and lots of different suppliers. Lots of different prices. No control. No effects. No insight. Not for long. You want to be one of the first to profit from a new energy world in construction? 

Just leave us your email address.



Who is behind power2all?

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernhard Shaw

power2all is backed by the most disruptive minds in the European energy sector. With years of experience in renewable energy, energy management and disruptive business modelling. In short: We are so foolish enough to change the energy market, so that you as a customer can finally obtain reasonable energy in the future.


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Founding Managing Partner - CTO

Florian Leuthold brings with him a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge. He brings management experience in a medium-sized German group of companies with functions in Germany, Poland and Belgium as well as experience in large companies. In addition, Florian is regarded as a practitioner and researcher throughout Europe as an expert for energy markets, especially electricity markets with a focus on renewable energies. The economic and technical content of his education and work enables him to be at home in both worlds. At VH Invest AG, Florian was and still is responsible for several business areas in addition to his executive board function in the management of the operative subsidiary in Poland (45 employees). Previously, he worked for Austrian Power Grid as head of the front office (5 employees) and as project manager in various implementation projects. Florian completed his basic university education at the TU Dresden as an industrial engineer and energy market researcher. He also studied management at Massey University (NZ).

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Managing Partner - CBO

One could say that Stephan's whole life focused on becoming managing partner of power2all. He is not only an expert for EU energy related policy, having worked over the last 2 decades for multiple years for the European Commission and still being connected to it on occasions. Over those years he has also established a profound experience in the energy business dealing with electricity and gas market topics in various management positions. His business career is marked by this effective attention to disrupt the energy system, e.g. as project manager to introduce the Austrian Clearing and Settlement Agency AGCS and to set up the Austrian energy exchange EXAA in the early days of market liberalisation. He worked subsequently in various positions in the OMV group including as Head of Business Development of Econgas (now OMV Gas and Power). Stephan Ressl has been partner and CEO of several clean-tech start-ups from photovoltaic to the integration of natural gas and demand response behind the meter. Stephan, who has a phd in mechanical engineering, is paving the way into some major European energy markets due to his broad European roots. He is half-Austrian, half-French, lived in 7 countries including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Cyprus and speaks 5 languages.

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Business Engineer

André Gundinger brings a breath of fresh air to the project and provides the team with young perspective. He learnt the special approach to solving problems during his industrial engineering studies at the TU Vienna, where solving complex tasks is his daily bread. He has always been one of those who preferred the hard way to expand his wealth of experience as quickly as possible. Before he was enticed away by power2all GmbH as the first employee, he supported professors of the TU Vienna and managing directors of Fraunhofer Austria, the first address for applied research, in teaching and research. In addition to his studies and professional activities, he teaches himself programming in order to be prepared for the future.

Advisory Board

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Till Jeske is the CEO of VH Invest AG in Germany. He is one of the founders of Vortex Energy Group. At VH, he is responsible mainly for the origination and development of green-field and brown-field renewable energy projects but also for the group’s strategic alignment. Till has the entrepreneurial code in his blood not only within the framework of VH but also beyond in real estate and other fields of business. Prior to founding Vortex Energy in 2004, he shortly worked with RWE and was a research associate at TU Dresden, where he graduated in Industrial Engineering and received a PhD in Economics.

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Advisor & Co-Founder

Why is that, anyway? With this most fundamental form of disruptive resistance, Markus challenged his professors at an early age. Later, his clients learned to appreciate the former bad habit and to love his disruptive solutions in management consulting. His first project in 1999 was the never-ending liberalisation of the energy market for a large utility. With 20 years of experience in challenging projects in a wide variety of industries, he refreshingly combines competence with impertinence and is now considered one of the experts on disruptive strategy. And his rather cheeky management consultancy "disruptive – beyond your strategy" is considered to be leading exactly in this respect. Markus is also a much-booked keynote speaker in German-speaking countries. In summary, he lives, thinks and innovates quite cheekily and in love between Vienna, Berlin, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

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Christian Sorko can confidently be described as a prime example of a successful manager. In his 20 years in various management positions, he has made a name for himself as an entrepreneurial leader with both technical and commercial expertise in Construction Business. During his positions in the PORR Group – member of the Advisory Board of Porr Bau GmbH, member of the Mechanical Engineering Managing Board, Operations Manager West, member of the HR Management Board of the Porr Group and Head of HR Development – he was entrusted with the management of strategic integration projects as well as group-wide digitization projects. In his current position as Global Head of Segment Building in the PERI Group, CEO of PERI Austria and member of the Central Europe management team, his strategic focus has enabled a repositioning of the brand and, as a result, a tripling of turnovers within the last four years. Other successfully implemented projects include sales development in scaffolding and the establishment of the Infrastructure and large scale Projekts Department in Vienna.  


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